Sunday, February 10, 2008

Washougal River, WA - the waterfall run

Watching the gauges before the weekend the Washougal drainage looked like the place to be. Besides our group of seven, we saw at least 3 other big groups paddling in the area on Saturday. Our mission was to hit the waterfall section and after about a mile hike in through the snow we were successful.

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Ken probing the road - can we make it?

No go, about a mile hike in.

Looking up from the trail at the bottom of one of the drops.

Dave in the first waterfall - a sliding lead-in to the falls.

Jamie stomping it.

The left side of the second falls.

Pat flying off the right side.

Louis on the right side of the final falls - a fast sliding entry.

Jamie opted for the middle boof onto rock line.

Blue skies, clear water, and snowy peaks.

If you plan on doing this run be aware that there is lots of fish habitat restoration on this stretch. There are logs chained into the river in several places and often create strange and sketchy features. We also had a note on our car saying that there are going to be some log dams installed summer 2008.

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Moosemusicman said...

could you let me know where on the washougal river this is?