Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Canyon Creek Race Weekend: IV-IV+

After a week or two of camping up by Hood River and rallying the Truss and the L-Dub it was time for the much anticipated Canyon Creek race. This is one of the premier race courses in the country with a nice amount of gradient, but not too burly for the weekend warriors and newer creekers out there. With over 80 competitors and dozens of spectators it was a cool scene. Congrats to Brian Little for taking 1st in the advanced division and to Geoff Calhoun who swept the expert. Thanks to all the organizers for working hard to make this a great event and especially to Oly for having an awesome party at his riverside compound. The party featured lots of good food, an endless supply of beer, a live band - need I say more?

The crowd enjoying the sunshine at the finish line.

Boofing to the finish.

Paddling the flatwater to the takeout.

After a night of partying there was a waterfall huck contest off of Sunset Falls.

Nick keeping it real and repping the midwest in an OC1.

They had it all - hand paddles, OC1, Mike Olsen in a sea kayak, and rafts.

Todd Anderson wheeling his way to #1.

Todd showing off one of the less common lines.

Geoff Calhoun airing out the nomad.

Devin Morton full of water and ready to get some downtime.

Every man for himself!

Triple Threat.