Tuesday, August 12, 2008

SW Colorado Classics Part 2: Los Pinos

On June 20th, 2008, Mr. Eli Loper and I met up with Will Rawstron, Rolf Kelly, and Tim Kenton for a 3 day expedition into Los Pinos. We hiked our fully packed boats 8.5 miles over Weminuche Pass and paddled the 20 or so miles out with a few major portages. Good times.

Weminuche Wilderness.

Working our way to the headwaters.

Will unphased by the hike. Photo by Rolf Kelly

Sweatin' at the getin. Photo by Rolf Kelly

Tim's first stroke on the Pinos. Photo by Rolf Kelly

Chillin' at camp one.Photo by Rolf Kelly

Dinner time.

A fire was nice to keep warm at this high elevation.

This big rock made a good campsite.Photo by Rolf Kelly

Rolf probing a waterfall.Photo by Tim Kenton

Tim.Photo by Rolf Kelly

Will. Photo by Rolf Kelly

Big waterfall pouring down some granite.Photo by Rolf Kelly

Will, the ever-steady portageur.

Rolf getting caveman during some very fun portaging. Photo by Tim Kenton

Camp deuce.Photo by Rolf Kelly