Monday, February 18, 2008


I finally got on the infamous Little White Salmon and it was a great trip. The L-Dub is touted as one of the best single day class V runs in the country. There's a lot of hype about this river and I think it pretty much lives up to it. This weekend was one of the warmest and sunniest we've had in the gorge all winter and there was a huge posse of boaters out there - easily 20 people!

Catching our breath after another steep boulder garden.

One of the countless waterfalls.

Joe at the lip of Stovepipe.

The boys contemplating life at the lip of Spirit Falls.

A seriously boiling pool can make the landing interesting.

Joe getting ready to take flight.

Jamie having a spiritual moment after a sick line.

This Little White regular was one of about 8 of us who crushed the line.

Here's a short vid of Jamie Wright, Joe Stumpfel, and me hucking Spirit.
Thanks to Eli Loper for getting the footage.

The granddaddy of Little White Salmon drops.

Stay tuned for a report on the UK's Jamie Wright going out with a bang on his last day in town and descending 90 foot Metlako Falls.

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Alex said...

That's a pretty messy pool at the bottom of drop in the video. Nice job though. Keep huckin bro!