Saturday, February 16, 2008

Eagle Creek, OR: Hike and Huck

Eagle Creek, OR is a classic for waterfall enthusiasts. After about 4 to 5 miles of hiking up the creek, Eli Loper and I reached the optional put-in falls - 40ft right into a 10. Several IV-V rapids including a 30+ foot falls drop through a gorge with sheer 100-200foot moss covered canyon walls - whitewater paradise.

Eli hiking through some typical Eagle Creek scenery.

The trail has been blown out of the side of the cliff with dynamite.

Metlako Falls - 90 feet - on the hike up. We saved this one for another day.

Punchbowl Falls on the hike up.

A sweet ten foot rainbow waterfall.

A nice class IV leading into a steep slot canyon.

An unrunnable tributary.

Launching the warmup rapid.
As always, images are clickable

Stoked to be on line in the second part of this committing drop.

Our first portage.

Portage #2.

Eli scouting Punchbowl. Once your in this pool there's no going back.

Eli at the lip, preparing to melt it.

A short video of me dropping Punchbowl from the top taken by Eli Loper.

After Punchbowl we ran a 10 foot ledge and carried up the cliff to avoid 90 foot Metlako Falls waiting downstream. It took us about a mile of hiking before we found a way to scramble back down to the river and avoid hiking the last mile or so out of the canyon. The final section was bumpy class III at this level.

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