Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eagle Creek, OR: Metlako Falls Descent - 90 feet

After knocking off my first runs of Eagle Creek and the L-Dub I guess I didn't torture myself enough for one weekend because I did the 4-5 mile hike into Eagle Creek again on Monday. The highlite of the run was definitely seeing Jamie Wright fire up Metlako Falls with a sick line. He stuck it without swimming or popping his skirt and came out unscathed. The only collateral damage was a strap on his helmet that broke from the impact of a 90 foot waterfall.

Jamie contemplates Metlako from a distance.

Don't slip here.

Jamie starting to get warm on the put-in falls.

Punchbowl is good practice for Metlako, but is still only one-third the size.

Getting psyched up and pondering a very intimidating horizon line.


Still a long way to go.

Focused and on line for about 60 feet of freefall from this point.

Checking out the collateral damage. Jamie said the landing was pretty soft, but it still was able to break a strap on his helmet.

It's interesting being in a beautiful remote place only accessible by kayak, only to hit the reality of rush hour moments later. Mt. Hood is in the background as we continue back to the grind of the city.


CRG Productions said...

Nice! I believe that's the first full no portage run on Eagle Creek in a single day. Jamie must have been fired up after missing the L-Dub run on sunday. good work guys!

Coal said...

Who is this Jamie Wright?
Is he a local kid?
He is killing it.