Monday, May 19, 2008

A couple days on the South Shore of Lake Superior

After getting some high water action on the North Shore some of the crew headed over to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the South Shore of Lake Superior for the annual Jim Rada Memorial Race on the Presque Isle. We ran the final mile of the Presque which has a few nice waterfalls and finishes with a big water rush called the Zoom Flume.

Kiffy giving Manabezo the elbow flick for a little extra air time.

Johnny "Utah" McConville styling it before taking 1st place in the race.

Me on the Red Dangler - a river right channel that opens up at higher levels.

It's always fun to have some lake surf at the takeout.

The day after the race we did the full run on the Presque Isle which is about 15 miles. This run has some really cool drops separated by a flat water stretches, giving it a kind of Boundary Waters feel. Photos by John McConville.

Kiffy and Max ready to roll.

Me subbing out in a sliding falls.

Max watching Kiffy disappear in Nokomis.

Max on Nokomis.

The next day we headed over to the Black River which was about double the "maximum" runnable flow. We sat around and talked about putting on, but we were all pretty beat so after a couple beers we lost motivation and pretty much just hung out and talked about lines and chilled out.

Gorge Falls is happy to give you some serious downtime at this level.

The namesake of Rainbow Falls.

John scouting Rainbow.

Is there a line in there somewhere?

Rainbow is very burly at this level - from 60mph to 0mph in less than a second.

A photo of a photo brought to you by Pam, Big Sky Brewery, and of course PBR.

Loren Moulton is working on a film highlighting the whitewater of Lake Superior. See a preview by following his link > Videos > Kayaking Superior's North Shore.

Utah taking a nap in the sun.

Jedi in his element on the shores of Lake Superior.

Andy in his element burning ants.

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