Monday, June 2, 2008

More Minnesota photos

Here's some random shots from paddling around Minnesota.
Click photos for hi-res.

Superior Panorama.

Kiffy runs the first falls on the East Fork Beaver with Loren Moulten filming.

Andy hits the boof trigger on waterfall #2 EF Beaver.

The boys below the first two falls on the EF Beaver.

Unrun slide on the Cross River.

Trespassing to scout some drops.

30'er on the Manitou.

Looking down the superior coast from a prime camping spot.

Dogs on Carlton peak.

Looking up the Superior coastline from Palisade Head.

Andy looking very small in the Devil Track canyon with Lake Superior on the horizon.

Kiffy dwarfed by the Devil Track canyon.

Minnesota wolf.

Kiffy on the Two Island.

Nate Herbeck on the same drop.

Cascade classics at high water.

The last one on the Cascade with some serious juice.

The gorge on the Temperance river.

More Temperance.

St. Louis river dam at high water.

Me on Manabezo.

Zimny took a shot to the elbow on the Split Rock.

Me getting ready to take a shot to the shoulder and thereby giving this rapid a name: "Touch Down ToneBone".

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Nora said...

Beautiful shots Tony! I heard about the wave at Glenwood Springs...I'm glad you had some photos of it. Looks like fun!