Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cascade River, MN: The L-Dub of the midwest

The Cascade is one of my favorite rivers and I was stoked to get on it at a very juicy flow. Kiffy, Maximus, and I put on at about +3" which provided a lot of excitement. The first drop is a huge slide that is pretty much a roll of the dice at this level. I lost a lot of skin, but managed to surf out of the hole. My companions weren't so lucky and both swam.

Hidden Falls is the first drop.

I recommend staying upright when possible.

The entrance to the Moose was pretty busy at this level. The horizon line is a slide with a huge pillowy airplane turn that dumps into a small pool that continues down another slide into a big hole.

Maximus pondering the Moose Cock.

Long John Silver Rapid, "Boing!"

Me and Andy warming up with a nice fire at Long John.

Long John has a long fun entrance with some big waves and holes, here Andy is nearing the end.

He's stoked to be upright and on line in this one. The pillow off of the river right wall swallows you and spits you out.

An "Oh Shit" moment for Andy on Screaming Stingl Falls.

I plugged the left side of Screaming Stingl giving our group a 100% swim rate!

After the takeout for the upper section, the Cascade falls over a series of 5 stout waterfalls. They are usually only ran when the upper section is too low or at a bare minimum. There's lots of wood in there right now so hopefully it cleans up a bit by the time they are safely runnable.

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