Monday, March 24, 2008

Wind River Race '08: III-IV+

Long boats, playboats, cats, and rafts all came out to race the upper Wind River on Easter Sunday.

Joe Stumpfel warms up his Wavehopper while Rob Virostek looks on.
Joe easily took 1st place with a time under 20 minutes.

Austin Rathman keepin' it real in a sea kayak while Nate Bell is rolling the Corsica.

3, 2, 1, GO!

The long boaters fightin for an early lead.

ORT coming in hot to the finish line.

All these rafts and no carnage?

Style points for pointing at the crowd while crossing the finish line.

Shootin' the shit after a fun race.


Long Boat Kayak
1st Joe Stumpfel 19:17
2nd Austin Rathman 20:04
3rd Nate Bell 22:06
4th Christie Glissmeyer 22:48

Kayak (Under 9 feet)---Times “rained out”
1st Greg Mallory
2nd Tony Skrivanek
3rd Rob Virostek
4th Jim Kennedy
5th Roberta Grant
6th Luke Spencer

Cataraft---Times “rained out”
1st Dave Hagmeir
2nd Zachary Collier
3rd Val Shaull

Paddle Raft
1st Oregon Rafting Team (ORT) 22:44
2nd California Women 23:17
3rd Bigfoot (R2) 27:09
4th ORT Rookies (R2) 28:55

Happy Easter... The PBR egg is crucial!

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Alex said...

Love the PBR egg. Happy Easter dude.