Monday, March 3, 2008

Rock Creek, WA: Video and pics

Rock Creek, WA is a classic grade IV creek with a couple Vs and a couple optional portages. Sunday March 2nd we had an estimated 400-600cfs, slightly above the minimum. We were able to drive about a mile or two through the snow before we started hiking the rest of the 5 mile road to the get-in.

I'll kick it off with the vid.

Chris Arnold, Allen Satcher, and Eli Loper pondering the road after part of Chris's undercarriage ripped off.

Left, Left, Left Right Left. Eli braves his second hike-in of the weekend.

Runnable 35 footer - a little low for my taste.

The first major rapid - an 8 foot boof into a canyon.

Looking up at Heaven while standing at the gates of Hell. This series of ledges is a ramping 10footer(Heaven) and a sliding 25footer(Hell).

Eli and Chris scouting Hell.

An aquamarine colored hole blocks the entrance - at high flows it has a 5 foot face!

We all aimed for the kicker, but only Chris nailed it.

Paddling up to this waterfall is really cool when it's high.

The scenery is great, lots of waterfalls and moss-covered canyon walls.

3 Swims Falls, we portaged. This falls drops into a very tight slot.

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