Sunday, June 24, 2007

Green Truss - White Salmon

Saturday and Sunday I got to hit another sweet river in the Columbia River drainage. The Green Truss section of the White Salmon is one of the few runnable creeks in the area this time of year and it's a blast. I got 2 runs in Saturday and one Sunday - everything went except Lower Zigzag which is unrunnable right now due to a log in the rapid, bummer! It was cool to meet back up with Nate and Heather, a couple Minnesota natives who live out here, thanks for hookin' a brother up! We had a solid crew of around 10 people for all 3 runs. This run is nonstop action with lots of really fun drops - including Big Brother, BZ Falls, and many other classics.

Me At the Lip of Big Brother.

Dave Hittin' the Boof on Big Brother.

Little Brother.

Little Brother Pt. 2.

BZ Falls.

Nate @ BZ.

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