Thursday, June 14, 2007

Another run on the Cascade River. Get some more.

Ran the Cascade again at a much lower level. Everything was runnable, but the river had a lot less push. This would have been the day to do the (first?) top to bottom descent of this river in one day because it's close to the lowest runnable level for the upper, but the cascades were still manageable. The cascades are a series of about 6 or so waterfalls and drops in a canyon with a few 10-15 foot waterfalls and a couple pourovers, some with meaty holes, and very little opportunity to set safety without climbing ropes and harnesses. Once you're in you pretty much have to run everything culminating in a sweet 25+ foot waterfall with a very precise line to hit. I can't wait to make it back up there and run these amazing falls! I wish there was more than just 2 of us for setting safety and whatnot - I'm now so regretting not running the falls! Hopefully we'll get some more rain up there.

I just got a few stills of 8 foot falls again and put together a short video.

Click here to check out the video

Better light today.


Commando Style.

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