Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hagen Creek Video: 12/6/07

Hagen Creek is a tributary of the North/West Fork of the Washougal just outside of Washougal, WA - not far from Portland. It was first ran within the last two years and it's a wonder that it went undiscovered for so long. It contains some nice bedrock rapids and a couple clean waterfalls. Once it meets the NWF Washougal there are 2 fun class V drops followed by some good class IV boogy and some amazing scenery. We didn't get too many photos, but we did get some footage.

Uldis in the entrance to the second falls on Hagen.

Uldis continuing on down this broken up 30 footer.

Joe buried in the second falls after the confluence with the NWF Washougal.

Uldis droppin' in.

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