Sunday, November 18, 2007

Snow Day!!! Trout Creek, WA - another fun day in the CRG

Trout Creek is a steep continuous creek about an hour and a half outside of Portland. We were lucky to catch it before it got snowed in, and I don't think access will be easy for much longer. After recovering from the previous day's festivities(check previous post), Joe Stumpfel, Uldis, and I decided to knock another CRG classic off the list. With over 300 feet per mile in the steepest part and no waterfalls this thing drops fast. It has a good warmup, then it's basically one continuous class IV-V rapid. Joe, the crazy C-1er, boat scouted almost the whole thing for us - we only got out to scout a couple times. Just eddyhopping steepness with some big rapids, and big holes - so fun!

A nice camping spot at the take-out across this bridge. Notice the weather.

Rocking Chacos, Uldis was surprised to see snow at the get-in.

Now this reminds me of Minnesota - a fun day in the snow!!!

Joe dropping in as it starts to pick up.

Uldis and Joe havin' a good ol' time in the snow.

Joe enjoying one of the many rapids like this.

Yeah, the line was under that tree - nice!

Snowmen like to paddle too.

A blurry shot of the gauge rock.
A good flow for a first time down - known to locals as the minimum.

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