Saturday, October 6, 2007

Waterfall Huck: Lower Falls, Lewis River

The mission: run unrun creek

The crew: me, Johnny O., Luke S., Chuck T., and Uldis

The result: find creek to be too low, run big waterfall

The Lower Lewis Falls is a fun huck, especially when everything else is dry. It's a small ledge into a clean 45 footer. All five of us ran it, and we all styled it. Uldis and I broke our paddles, but besides that all was good. We got some good footage and some real money shots - click the images for hi-res. I'll try and get the video put together soon here. Enjoy.

Clean unrun 100 footer - needs more water though. Any takers?

Scouting the lip.

Me probing it for the boys.





Uldis was a natural at the oregon tuck.

Now sporting a broken paddle to go with my welded up boat.

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Alex said...

That's a sick drop and those pictures are sweet. Sucks about the paddle though.