Sunday, February 25, 2007

Expeciones Chile - Kayak Safari

This winter was super cold - a great time to escape to the southern hemisphere where it's summer. I planned a two week guided safari, paddling different rivers throughout Chile and Argentina the first week, with the second week all on the mighty Futalafu... After that I decided to spend an extra week at the Futa, then up to Pucon.

We started out on the Rio San Pedro, a class III/IV big water run.

The get-in.

A good wave.

Next we drove down to Shoshuenco where we stayed at a nice spot located on a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains, volcanoes, and rivers. We spent a few days paddling the Fuy.

Some gradient nestled right under a volcanoe.


I got some sunburn the first day - nice tan lines!

Next up was a class III section of the Manso.
Nothing Wrong with this scenery.

Switching cars on the way to the Futa.


Coming head-on into Mundaca - a Futa right of passage.

A cave upstream of Zeta.

Making our way down the Rio Azul to our camp at the confluence with the Futa, looking up at the Tres Monjas.

After leaving the Futa, I traveled for 24 hours by bus to get to Pucon, Chile.

Here I am at the top of Mt. Villarrica outside of Pucon.

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Anonymous said...

that is so frickin cool my buddy.. lots of dope pics... mad chillin it ill style for sure... miss ya bro .. keep it up... lots of land to live it up on... much love... dNGr.oUt