Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Black, Upper Silver, Falls, Lower Silver, and Yellow Dog

This was an action packed three days. I drove back up to the south shore of Superior for the third time in a span of about a week or two, hungry for some more action - and I wasn't dissapointed! I showed up a little late, so I missed quite a wild night of partying out on the town with some of the crew, but I probably needed the sleep.


Started out on the Black with a huge crew of great paddlers - you guys sure know how to have fun on and off the river! A bunch of cats fired up Potowatomi and Gorge Falls, but I saved it for next time.

The hero(?) line on Potowotami.

Boomer somehow emerges from the womb of "the birth canal" - a very rarely run pourover with recirc 20-40+ feet back.

The standard line on Gorge, with Birth Canal right above it.

I left my house with the intention of running Rainbow Falls, but once I arrived at the falls and scouted it the line looked marginal so I carried my boat around. When I reached the front of the falls I saw my line. After watching some good runs of it, I decided to fire it up.

Where's Waldo? I'm in there somewhere.

A hard hit at the bottom!

THE SILVER - a L'anse, Michigan area classic

Me, Zoolander, John, and Chad headed over to L'anse to hit the Upper Silver, and it was at a good flow of about 8.3'. This river has some serious gradient change for the midwest, and is a blast the whole way through!

The steepest part is called "the cabin section."

John powering through a chunky hole.

THE FALLS - an in-town L'anse run

This is another L'anse classic. Less gradient then the Silver, but still fun. Good luck catching this one when it's running - it doesn't happen too often. John and Zoolander had to head home, so me and Chad decided to hit this one before returning to do the Lower Silver. The Falls starts of with an awesome rapid followed by Powerhouse Falls.

Chad nails his boof on Powerhouse.

The rest of this run is mostly boat scoutable class III - III+ ledges and boogie with a couple IVs mixed in - pay attention! The action doesn't subside until you hit the takeout at Lake Superior.


This is another kick-ass L'anse run. This section doesn't drop quite as much as the Upper Silver but it definitely has some gradient, dropping towards the lake with lots of fun slides and continuous rapids. A person doesn't ever get bored on these L'anse runs! I don't have pics of this one... Chad and I were trying to make it through before we ran out of light. Combining the Upper and Lower Silver with the Falls makes for one long day! Especially since neither of us had run it before. It sure helped save time to have Zoolander leading us down the Upper Silver - thanks dude!
By the time we got to the last drop on this run it was getting quite dark, but I felt pretty good about Lower Silver Falls. It's a constriction that drops about 30 feet in a hundred foot constriction with a meaty hole at the bottom. This water was moving fast! By the time I finished scouting my line and got in my boat it was dark. I hit my line through the meat of it, but went sideways into the hole at the bottom.

By the time I fought my way out I looked up and saw the moon shining bright - what a long day!

THE YELLOW DOG - Eastern Upper Peninsula, Michigan

So the next day, me and Chad headed a few hours further from home to hit the Yellow Dog, our 5th section in 3 days. The Yellow Dog can have quite a bite, and she's a b@tch. Think lots of portaging downed trees in the flat water. Downed trees lining most eddies and the sides of almost the entire river. I got pinned under a tree near shore in some swiftwater, had to come out of my boat and lost my shoe while Chaz was upstream stuck in an eddy where to come out meant going into a strainer - this dog is a biatch. By this time we were pretty tired, but we definitely enjoyed the rapids. If you do this run you'll probably meet "The River Walker," a man who watches the Yellow Dog and helps with conservation in the area. He also makes sure to keep the rapids wood free - thanks man!

Despite some of the undesirable parts of this river, the rapids are friggin awesome. There are about 7 class IV-V sweet rapids - all runnable, all fun.

We decided not to run Barking Bitch Falls. At this level the right side lands on rock, and the left side is okay, but has a manky washout into a beefy hole.

Lots of rapids looked similar to this, if not longer and/or better.