Sunday, March 18, 2007

North Cacalacky Creekin'

Went to NC for some creekin' and ran some stuff at really low levels, but still had a blast. Started out on Wilson Creek, the highlites of which were "10 foot falls" and a sweet rock slide.

10 Foot Falls.

John makes a huge splash.

Chatooga Section IV was also a good time. Having watched Deliverance two nights prior, I definitely wasn't getting out of my boat more then I needed to. I was just waiting to paddle under a bridge and see that kid with creepy eyes holding a banjo.

Paddle faster, I hear banjo music!

Next up was the Watauga a southeast class IV classic. We ran it low, but it was still a good time - good boof practice.

The Highlite of this run is Interstate Falls - watch out for the ankle breaker on the left at this level!

After that I went down to Charlotte to hang with my little sister who took me to the shooting range - we had a blast!

Then I made my way back up to the Cheoah and caught releases two days in a row, that river is great. 9 miles of roadside continuous class IV read and run. Good times. I don't have any pictures as of yet, but I hope to post some.
The first day Jeff, Dave, and I ran it at around 1450, and it was a land of big flushy holes - sweet! The next day Dave and I caught it at a lower level of about 800+ and it was still a great time... I can't wait to get back and do it again.

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